Floor Remodel 1

dp1-08 This project was different from the current ones on this site, being that it was solely changing the floor in the client's house. We ripped out the old carpet and replaced it with engineered hardwoods. We had to acclimate to the client's request for making the floor interesting in design, which lead to the square in front of the main entry door, and the laying of a perimiter around the living room carpet which was installed after the flooring was finished. Also included is a small bathroom that also had its flooring changed, to tile instead of hardwoods. The complexity of this project was but a small challenge that we overcame successfully.







Addtional Pictures:

  • dp1-01
  • dp1-03
  • dp1-04
  • dp1-05
  • dp1-06
  • dp1-07
  • dp1-08



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